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Melissa recently was selected to write an article for the "Simple Italy" blog. Read her article "The Inner Italian" published in November 2009.

Melissa currently writes a blog in Italian "Diario di un Studentessa Matta" which was choosen by & Lexiophiles Language Blog as #37 in the 100 Top Language Learning Blogs of 2010 and #50 in 2011

MelissaDesign has been recognized by the International Dairy Foods Association for 6 package designs created
for Breyers YoCrunch Yogurt which have been awarded the 2008 Best Package Design for Cultured Products.

6 Logos published in the 2000 edition of David Carters "The New Big Book of Logos". Logos featured in the book
include: Leapfrog Marketing Research, Natural Creations Landscape Design, FCA, Sunflower Holistic Home Health Care, Equity Source and Hope Christian Church.

Member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) - Attended the December 2007 Photoshop CS4 Tour in San Francisco, hosted my Matt Klowskowski.

• Susie Weiss Wardrobes logo and website
• Packaging for Bharat Bazar's Spice Bags and Chapati Bread Packaging
• Breyers YoCrunch2009 Holiday Cup Designs
• Breyers YoCrunch 8-cup Fridge Pack


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