Ciao! I am Melissa, a graphic designer and the “crazy linguist” – la studentessa matta! 

I am a designer and I also write the blog Diario di una studentessa matta to explore live in Italy and flex Italian language skills.

I invite you to join me on an Italian language learning journey!

I have made learning Italian a lifestyle choice. A day doesn’t go by in which I don’t listen, read, write, speak or work on Italian grammar. The more I am exposed to the language, the language becomes second nature and I become a more confident Italian speaker and writer.

I take great pleasure in sharing my language learning journey through the Studentessa Matta blog, the podcast “Tutti matti per l’Italiano and through Italian Language Immersion programs in Italy that I organize with Italian Schools & event planners.

The Matta blog explores Italian culture & language in a light & fun way, as well as provides language learning tips. The podcast features clips of native speakers to practice listening skills.

I started my journey to learn the language about 16 years ago with grammar books I bought at a local bookstore. I then proceeded to find every means available to me to advance my comprehension of the language; I have taken classes, studied with private teachers, taken on-line courses, watched films & Italian TV, listened to Italian music and audio riviste, participated in conversation Meetup groups & on-line forums, skyped with Italian friends and traveled & studied all over Italy.

I have even hosted an Italian high school student in my home for a year. I continue to find new ways of practicing and learning Italian and it is my pleasure to share my findings with other language learners! (On-line Biography)

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TRAVEL WITH MELISSA IN ITALY! I plan and co-lead Language & Cultural Immersion Programs for those who want to dive beneath the surface and use their Italian language in a meaningful and fun way. View current trips on the Trip Page.

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MATTA DESIGNS AVAILABLE ON ZAZZLE: Livable Art for your Love of Italy! Take a look into my Zazzle Site, in which I sell my uniquely designed Italian themed products. Featuring iphone cases, ipad covers, t-shirts, handbags, aprons and mugs, posters, and buttons. If you have something you would like designed send me an email. Matta Designs is also on Facebook

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Palazzo Ducale Urbino - Le Marche

San Quirico d'Orcia: Palazzo del Capitano

Gubbio - Umbria

Preggio - La Castagna

Spello Giardino Bonci

Rome Villa Borghese

Rome Castel Sant'Angelo

GardoneRiviera: Villa Vittoriale

Palazza Strozzi

Baci Perugina Chocolate Factory

Lucca Italian School

Ylenia Sambati (YLTOUR) Lecce Puglia

Matera - i Sassi


For more Reviews of Melissa Muldoon - la studentessa matta visit the Reach150 Site

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